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Welcome to WriteDirection gc


My name is Alison Houston and I have been a journalist, writer, sub-editor and editor for over 27 years.


I became a journalist to help people tell their stories in a clear, easily readable and informative way.


That is still my aim through WriteDirection gc, whether it is assessing and editing manuscripts, reporting or writing blogs.

I have edited reference books, autobiographies and novels, as well as reporting for,      sub-editing and editing regional newspapers, bi-monthly specialist magazines and writing blogs.


As a journalist, I have worked across Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Starting out as a reporter, I covered everything from general news to police rounds and court, feature stories to local and state government issues, before moving into editing copy and designing pages across more than 20 publications.


I currently work as a freelance editorial consultant and journalist, with clients including News Corp and the Australian Centre for Arts and Health. 


Since 2011, I have also worked as an editorial consultant for ABK Publications, sub-editing books and the bi-monthly magazine. 


Having grown up in Sydney, I completed my Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University in Canberra, majoring in English and Law before getting my first break in journalism in Victoria. 


I have excellent grammar, language, communication, research and organisational skills, allowing me to put the polish on your project to present it at its best.


After browsing through the first PDF file of my manuscript, Wishing on a Dandelion, I realised it required serious editing.  I had become too close to the product – the non-fiction story was so familiar to me.


Alison was always very sensitive with her comments and suggestions, not wanting to change the story line but making it grammatically correct and flowing.


She is a delightful person and I highly recommend her to anyone requiring professional assistance in editing any type of product.



Marion Walsham, author of Wishing on a Dandelion

I’d just like to thank you for your patience and diligence in editing my story. You did a terrific job in sorting out any problems.


 I’ve received the author’s copy of my book to review. It looks great, and you did such a good job of editing.

Arthur Ivor Jones, author of Harvest

I can’t thank you enough for the appraisal. Far more than I expected and so detailed, thank you … How can I not continue with the book now? It goes to show how important it is to have an independent appraisal.



Eric S, prospective author 

I am still in awe at the tremendous two-page spread you created for Gosford Musical Society. Cannot thank you enough for such an outstanding feature, which was absolutely fantastic … Not only a terrific synopsis of our 70-year Society but a great advertisement for Evita. Many thanks again, Alison. You have lots of new admirers on the Central Coast.


Darryl Davis, Gosford Music Society Historian and Cast Member

Just got to read your Marian Keyes story. Love it! Really appreciate your writing and how you manage to capture the salient points. Thanks so much. 


Gail Forrer, News Corp Group Editor



Submission Guidelines


Every manuscript is different, so please contact me for an individual quote. 

Submissions should be made electronically, via email. Please include your manuscript, presented as a Word document, formatted as: 


A4 layout 

Double line spacing 

Wide margins (3 cm) 

Font: Times New Roman, Courier or Calibri, regular, 12pt 

Pages numbered 


If you wish to submit a hard copy manuscript, contact me via email for address details. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope of the correct size and postage. The same formatting rules apply.



Success! Message received.


WriteDirection gc

Writing, Manuscript Editing and Editorial Consultancy

Everyone has a story to tell. Whether it’s heard depends on how it is told.
We write to create, to communicate and to connect.
WriteDirection gc can help you to do all three, so that your story becomes the very best it can be.








This is a full editing service. It is carried out on-page; correcting grammar, punctuation, phrasing and word choice. (MS Word tracking means you can choose whether to accept the changes.)


Advice is given on any inconsistencies in plot and character development as well as structure.

An appraisal is a report which examines the overall structure and style of the manuscript, including plot and character development, dialogue, pacing etc. It provides an outline of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations for you as the author to consider.


An experienced professional looking at your work with fresh eyes can provide new inspiration and direction.

The final check, either just before submitting your manuscript or when it has been laid out for publication. The manuscript will have been edited. You have made your final changes and corrections.


It is vital for your credibility to pick up any typos, errors or inconsistencies there may be, particularly if you are self-publishing.

I have been telling people’s stories through newspaper reporting for over 27 years, so whether you need web or blog content, articles or newsletters, obituaries or ghost writing WriteDirection gc can help present your information in a fresh, appealing and reader-friendly manner. 

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